Fish Feed Export Ban Lifted


The government has lifted the ban on the export of fish feed with effect.
Livestock and Fisheries Minister NKANDU LUO says fish feed producers can now start exporting their product.
Professor LUO says her ministry has engaged fish feed producers and have resolved the issues that led to the ban.
She says among issues was the inadequate feed to satisfy the local market and the over pricing of fish feed.
Professor LUO says the government is determined to address the country’s 80 thousand metric tonnes of fish deficit and has embarked on a robust aquaculture program.
She has also advised companies doing business in the country to respect the government and avoid making derogatory statements.
Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka today, Professor LUO said her Ministry has an open-door policy and has continued to engage and dialogue with producers
The Minister also called on Zambians who want to venture into fish farming to engage the ministry as funds of about 50 million dollars have been set aside.

Source: ZNBC Tv


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