FRA will buy a 50 kilogram bag of White maize at 110 Kwacha.


FRA Executive Director Chola Kafwabulula says FRA will buy a 50 kilogram bag of Soya bean at 150 Kwacha, while a 40 kilogram bag of paddy rice will be bought at 70 Kwacha.

Mr. Kafwabulula says FRA undertook a process of crop price scenario analysis and a consultation process with various stakeholders in the sector to come up with the prices.

Speaking during a briefing on FRA’s 2020 Crop marketing arrangements in Lusaka, Mr. Kafwabulula said the Agency is equal to the task of meeting the 1 million metric tonnes of maize for national reserves.

He said crop purchases shall start immediately the moisture content is attained at the standard 12 points 5 percent level and end on October  31, 2020.

Mr. Kafwabulula said the moisture content as of May 28, 2020 stood at 15.92 percent and is projected to drop to required standards in the next 3 weeks.

He said the Agency intends to only purchase three commodities which are white maize, soya bean and paddy rice due to logistical and budgetary limitations.

Mr. Kafwabulula said the Agency will operate 1 thousand 2 hundred depots in 1 hundred and 5 districts.

He said FRA has put in place various measures in readiness for the crop marketing season such as prepositioning of marketing requisites which include empty grain bags and sieves.



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